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Please give us a call and discover a service that not only has expertise but really does care about seeing you get your nonprofit started and achieve it’s goals!

Personal Service that Cares

Here at Anchor we truly care for each and every one of our partners to help them achieve the dreams they have for their nonprofits. It is critical to have someone in your corner that knows how you need to go about the processes and procedures in the formation stage. Momentum and energy is created when nonprofits begin to form so we fight for our partners to see them cross the finish line. The process of getting started can be daunting and often times met with harsh legal road blocks. We guarantee 100% success in the formation of your nonprofit or you receive a full refund. Beyond the formation stage, nonprofits go through a season when reality and roadblocks to progress occur. Once the organization is off the ground it’s time to get productive and effective in accomplishing the goals you have set our to achieve. We can help you not only get started but mature as an effective and powerful 501C3. Anchor consulting has a limited number of partners so that we can give a personal touch with each and every one that we have committed to serve. Yes their are CPA’s and lawyers that will help you get started but serving nonprofits is solely what we do and we are certain that our guidance exceeds that of other types of consultants who only have nonprofits as a sub service. We have years of experience in getting our partners successfully off the ground and assisting them in achieving the goals they have for their beloved organizations. Let us have the honor of serving you and seeing each and every dream you have for your nonprofit come true. When you give us a call we dialogue with you in order to fully understand your most important current issues as well as developing with you a measure for success. We can help you with the following:

  • Getting your nonprofit started.
  • Helping you understand the formation process.
  • Defining your goals and objectives.
  • Determining a strategy that will help you achieve your nonprofit objectives.
  • Building your nonprofit organization.
  • Managing performance and change.

As soon as you give us a call you will find answers and assistance that only a group like Anchor can give you simply because we are 100% focused on nonprofit organizations and we care about your success.

2 Options for Starting

  • Streamlined IRS Application
  • Incorporation – Includes Anchor completing all your organizational documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, and any state required documents.
    (plus any additional state fee in excess of $25)
  • Tax Exempt Application
  • IRS Fee
  • Full IRS Application
  • Incorporation – Includes Anchor completing all your organizational documents such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, and any state required documents.
    (plus any additional state fee in excess of $25)
  • Tax Exempt Application
  • IRS Fee

What is the main objective of the nonprofit you are wanting to start? In most cases we’ve found that just a simple initial phone conversation with our clients helps them determine what specific goals they have for their organization. We will give you the guidance and advice that you need to help define your objectives, which then will help determine what path you need to take for starting your nonprofit organization. In many cases filing for a nonprofit is not the best choice for you. When you contact Anchor Consulting you are going to have new partners that care about you and your dreams, even if our services are not the best fit for you. We look forward to serving you so please give us a call or fill out the form here on the page to get started!


Assisting Non Profits is not just a “sub-service” for us but it is what we do! You get a personal guide/coach who knows  valuable, up to date information, necessary to help you start your new organization correctly. Starting a Nonprofit is a great way to support a worthwhile cause but can be a daunting task. Let Anchor help you quickly form your Nonprofit corporation by completing your 501(c)(3) application for tax-exempt status correctly. CLICK here on the Get Started tab, take 5 minutes to give us some initial information, and we will respond to you quickly with a follow up free consultation.

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  • Launch – We help you easily sort through the many options so that you start your new nonprofit organization correctly. We have a 100% approval rate and guarantee this for you as well.
  • Consulting – Guiding an existing nonprofit through issues that may be holding it back.
  • Evaluation – Helping an organization identify its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Executive Search – Help with identifying the kind of executive you need, then locating that person.

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Who We Are

Anchor Consulting Group is designed to assist those who work with and/or for nonprofit organizations. From start-ups to mature organizations, assistance is often required.  The first step in fixing a problem is recognizing it. The second is taking steps to address it.  We are ready to help you take those first steps. Most of our partners come to us with a dream for a particular organization. They are not sure how or what first steps to take in getting the organization launched. We have partnered with dozens of wonderful people over the past two decades and we are ready to help you see your dreams become reality! Click HERE for more >


Take a look at a few of the organizations that have partnered with Anchor Consulting and see what some of them have to say about their experience. We are happy to connect you with one of our partners, who can first hand testify to the excellence of our services. Please give us a call or fill out the form here on the page and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. Click HERE for more >

What others say about us

Dr. David Fraze

Dale was instrumental in the formation, organization and early success of Teen Lifeline. His initial experience and leadership was invaluable.

Dr. David FrazeVice-Chairman, Teen Lifeline, Inc.
Trey McKinley

Dale Hart stepped in and literally walked us through the process in a very painless way allowing our dream to become a reality.

Trey McKinleyDirector for Back to Life Ministries, Inc.
Chris Feris

Dale Hart has been a very valuable asset to the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association.  The knowledge and work that Dale has done on behalf of our association has enabled our group to set a very stable foundation and ensure that the vision of our corporation will continue to allow us to grow.

Chris FerisPresident Elect for Texas High School Athletic Directors Association
Melody Kohout

Dale Hart’s service to the Keller ISD Education Foundation has been invaluable to its growth and success.

Melody KohoutPast Chairman of the Board for the Keller ISD Education Foundation

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